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Rough Magic SEEDS 
09 December 2013-14 December 2013

Rough Magic SEEDS present Way to Heaven by Juan Mayorga,

translated by David Johnston.

Do you have enough courage to do the right thing?
1942. A town square 30 kilometres outside Berlin. Two young boys play with a spinning top. Lovers quarrel on a park bench as a balloon seller passes by. The sound of trains in the distance. This is what the Red Cross official observes. But what should his report say?
“I know why you’re here. The rumours. You imagined terrible things and you believe you should do something about them. Fantasy overtakes us all once in a while.”
Way to Heaven tells the true story of how international inspectors and aid workers missed what really happened at Theresienstadt concentration camp during the Second World War.
Written by acclaimed Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga, this chilling story was a hit at the Royal Court in 2004 and has since been performed all over the world.
Way to Heaven asks you to decide what is real and what isn’t?
“eloquent and haunting” The New York Times
“powerfully written” The Guardian

Written by Juan Mayorga
Translated by David Johnston
The Red Cross Representative: Daniel Reardon
The Commandant: Karl Quinn
The Mayor: Will O’Connell
She: Breffni Holahan and Jane Deasy
He: Ruairi Heading
Balloon Seller: Kieran Roche
Boys: Max Kearney, Justin Lasarev, Isaac O Sullivan, Levi O Sullivan
Girls: Kamsin Byrne, Aoife Ward
Director: Rosemary McKenna
Set & Lighting Designer: Zia Holly
Costume Designer: Liadain Kaminska
Composer: Jane Deasy
Sound Designer: Cameron McCauley
Dramaturg: Joanna Derkaczew (Crawley)
Producer: Matt Smyth
Images by Lucy Nuzum

Production shots Ste Murray


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