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Brinkmanship Theatre 
07 January 2016-16 January 2016 

Rudi, growing up in 1970s Paraguay, always assumed that his father was just a German troop physician during the Second World War … until Rudi’s friend Hermann inadvertently revealed the truth.
What happens when you have to drastically rewrite your own story? How do you go on as the son of a monster?
East of Berlin is a visceral ride through past and present, heartbreak and humour, and our need for restorative justice.












Lee Samuel Wilson’s direction places the audience inches away from the explosive emotional situation, on a traverse set designed by Ger Clancy which calls to mind the Auschwitz camps. Zia Holly’s lighting is at times forensic, throwing an unyielding eye upon the past. At other times, it bends towards expressionistic, illuminating Rudi’s psychological stress.

**** The Irish Times


Hannah Moscovitch has been dubbed "the wunderkind of Canadian theatre". This complex and psychological portrait and gripping piece of storytelling makes us easy to see why.

**** Sunday Business Post
Writer: Hannah Moscovitch
Director : Lee Wilson
Set Designer: Ger Clancy
Costume Designer: Naomi Faughnan
Lighting Designer: Zia Holly
Sound Designer: Dylan Tonge Jones and Cameron Macaulay
Producer: Joanna Crawley
Cast: Colin Campbell, Erin Flanigan, Liam Heslin
Production Manager: Daniel Cunningham
Stage Manager: Fodhla O’Brien
Image: Keith Dixon and Felipe Jóia

Poster: WorkGroup
This production of East of Berlin was originally produced by The Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity College Dublin.

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