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at Dublin Theatre Festival 2014 

“In Poland all you get is Poland,” says Little Metal Girl in Dorota Masłowska’s 'No Matter How Hard We Try.' And yet.


A two-day theatrical event bringing together Polish dramaturgy and Irish theatre makers, (A)pollonia is a presentation of new dramatic forms that tackle complex historical and current issues. It is also a search for shared interests and concerns between Polish and Irish artists, opening a path for future collaborations.


Oct 10, 4pm

Poland, with its war trauma, political upheavals, romantic megalomania and brutal neoliberal transformation for centuries used theatre to define its identity, to challenge the heroic foundation myths, to exercise empathy and to ignite revolutions.

Now the most powerful Polish dramas reflecting the permanent crisis of modern times are available in an anthology (A)pollonia – Twenty First Century Polish Drama and Texts for the Stage.

Join the editors – Joanna Klass, Krystyna Duniec – and the authors – Paweł Demirski, Magdalena Fertacz, Sebastian Majewski – in the discussion about theatre’s political role and obligations. The discussion will chaired by Tom Creed.


What new narratives are possible in the world of absurd standards of political correctness, Postmodern uncertainty and horrific social and political conflicts?

How to disarm clichés, fight political cynicism and apathy?


The discussion will be opened with an abstract from Sebastian Majewski's Right Left With Heels directed by directed by the last year’s Irish Times Theatre Awards nominee, Rosemary McKenna, with Eleanor Methven and Darragh Kelly.



Oct 11, 2.30pm

“In the old days when the word still lived by divine laws, everyone in the world was Polish…”

A medley of topics and questions based on scenes from (A)pollonia anthology directed by Rosemary McKenna with Eleanor Methven, Peter Daly, Margaret McAuliffe, Camille Lucy Ross and Kieran Roche.


Oct 11, 9pm

Ireland Talks Back – The Party

A club night of music, spoken word, Live Action Role-Playing games and Irish writer’s responses to the afternoon medley.

Venue: Workman's Club



Polish Curator: Joanna Klass, Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Irish Curator: Joanna Crawley
Presented by White Label

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