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Welcome to Ballygweeha, the windiest town in Ireland!

The people haven’t heard each other properly in years over the roar of the
gales, no-one’s ever been able to get a fire lit and everywhere you look, shit’s just blown over.


The locals have spent their whole lives walking against the wind, resulting in the famed half bent-over, sidewards shuffle known as the 'Gweeha sidle. 
When prodigal son Luc Torney returns after ten years to save the town from ruin with a windfarm scheme, he is hailed as a hero. 
But town layabout Jacinta Nangle is brewing up a storm. 


A cast of gurriers, property developers and mammies collide in this modern Irish satire on corruption and national character.


This is an ambitious project and a great
vehicle for the ensemble cast of seven, who
are immaculate and hilarious.

- Irish Times, ****


The Windstealers casts its gaze on the
exploiters and exploited in modern Ireland.
The cast of the Eccles Theatre Group possess a fantastic dynamism and superb comic timing.

- Public Review ****


Cretive team: 

Jane Madden - writer
Anushka Senanayake - director
Monika Bieniek – movement director
Hanna Bowe – lighting designer
Ger Clancy – set designer
Joanna Crawley – producer
Evie McGuinness – stage manager
Dylan Tonge Jones – sound designer
Mary Sheehan – costume designer
Sarah Foley – costume assistant
Ola Cieślak – poster
Jim Byrne and Felipe Jóia – photos 


Colin Campbell, Lloyd Cooney, Rory Corcoran, Katie Honan, Alan Mahon,
Christiane O’Mahony, Roseanna Purcell

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