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Director - Sophie Motley 

Set & Lx designer - Sarah Jane Shiels 

Producer - Joanna Crawley 

Video design - Kilian Waters 

Sound Design - Peter Power 

Props - Ger Clancy

Costumes - Carrot Incorporations 

Photo - Kobas Laksa 

Operator - Felipe Jóia


by Stacey Gregg 

with George Hanower and Shane O'Reilly  



Mark and Violet have run away from dystopian technology-obsessed reality, to raise their future child closer to nature. No augmentations, no bionic super-limbs, no shopping for perfect embryos. They want everything, from their flesh to their love to be real. But there’s no love without the fear of loss. So will you get old with me? Violet?


Stacey Gregg  (winner of Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards’15) in her creepily funny play examines the boundaries of our faith in science. Turned by Sophie Motley into a digital spectacle with visceral audio visual design, it’s a bitter love letter to the future.


"Refreshingly anarchic...bright and unreal.”

The Irish Times for Shibboleth by Stacey Gregg


"Wickedly, irresponsibly, cruelly funny."

The Irish Times for Everything Between Us by Sophie Motley


Contains strong lighting effects.


Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon and Rough Magic Theatre Company. Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of Tiger Dublin Fringe.

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