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Dice Plays,

Christine Dwyer Hickey

05 March 2014-15 March 2014


The day after moving in, three young men wake up in an isolated house on the edge of the city, each one struggling with his own particular hangover. Outside is a heavy snowfall; inside, the men gradually come to realise they have no food, no heat and the pipes are frozen. Not only are they snowbound but all the doors of the house are locked and can’t be broken down. Part psychological thriller, part ghost story, this is a modern tale, full of tension and mystery. Shot through with black humour, it questions contemporary Ireland and the current lost generation of young men who find themselves trapped by the expectations of society, family, women and self.


"Big, bold, remarkably assured... A powerfully accomplished work of art... Spellbinding" Joseph O’Connor on writer, Christine Dwyer Hickey.


Written by Christine Dwyer Hickey

Directed by Rosemary McKenna

Music by Denis Hickey

Produced by Aisling Murray

Dramaturg Joanna Crawley

Cast includes Desmond Hickey, Ger Hough, Michael Hough

Photos Ste Murray

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