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Joanna Crawley (Derkaczew) is a producer, journalist, translator and dramaturg. Her theatre work include: The Eurydice Project (White Label), INLAND(S) (Loose Canon), Override (White Label), Story Machines – Theatre and Technology Symposium (White Label), East of Berlin (Brinkmanship Company), The Windstealers (Eccles Theatre), FUSED (Dan Bergin), To Space (Niamh Shaw), Way to Heaven (Rough Magic SEEDS). Her translations of Irish plays into Polish include the work of Simon Doyle and Gavin Quinn, Deirdre Kinahan, Amy Conroy, Tom Murphy, Owen McCafferty. Honored with ASSITEJ Award for Excellence in Theatre Criticism. She lectures at University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. She currently work as a project manager with THEATREclub.


Photo Adam Golec

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