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Kaperlak. Time of Darkness

Music Theatre piece by Jane Deasy


KAPERLAK (Greenlandic kæ'pɛrlək; time of darkness)

"The sun had not yet risen"

- Virginia Woolf

"Those that stay here must face the harshest conditions on earth"

- David Attenborough


You are exiled from the earth. You have alienated yourself from the planet as the ice melts beneath your feet. You are living in fear of an unseen force in constant uncertainty.


At the end of the earth we experience what the Greelandic call “time of darkness”. The winter night overpowers human life and existence. We surrender to the wisdom and might of nature. How long will you survive taming the darkness?


A music theatre performance - score for voices, strings and percussion composed and directed by Jane Deasy with text by Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath and Dick Walsh.


Previews Sep 14 @ 18:00 & 20:0
Tickets €11
Dates Sep 15 - 17 @ 20:00 / Sep 16 - 17 @ 18:00
Tickets €14 / €12 conc.

Duration 50 mins


Supported by the Ireland Institute.


Creator: Jane Deasy
Musicians: Alex Petcu, Éna Brennan 
Text: Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Dick Walsh, Jane Deasy 
Costumes: Carrot Incorporations
Set: Ger Clancy 
Lights: Tom O Dea 
Dramaturg: Joanna Crawley 

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